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Divorce is one aspect of family law where almost everyone needs a family law attorney. Very few people ever “want” a divorce, although that’s often what is said by one spouse to the other. Circumstances may make a person feel they have little choice but to obtain a divorce if they want to change their life or the lives of their children for the better. Consultation with a Sacramento Divorce Lawyer can help you decide whether or not divorce is the best decision for your family. Divorce affects over half of American families, and the statistic may be higher if you include the blended…

Child Custody

Your children are our first priority! At the Sacramento Family Law Office of Bowman and Associates, APC, we work with you to protect them and to ensure that their needs remain at the forefront of your Northern California child custody case.sacramento-child-attorney Legal custody of a child is the right and obligation to make decisions about a child’s upbringing. Decisions regarding schooling, and medical and dental care, for example, are made by a parent with legal custody. In California, an award of joint legal custody is presumed, which means that the decision making is shared. If you share joint…

Child Support Establishment

At the Sacramento Law Office of Bowman and Associates, APC., we help minimize the emotion and worry many parents have about child support agreements and orders. We help our clients understand the reasons behind the child support laws, and how courts try their best to be equitable.

child-support-attorneyWe know that child support levels affect both parties’ finances. We make sure your child’s best interests are...

Child Support Modification

After a divorce agreement has been signed, it is sometimes necessary to make changes. But ex-spouses are seldom amenable to modifications. If you need a child support modification or other change to a divorce decree, you need a strong, experienced family law attorney in Sacramento.

Child support orders can be modified to meet changed needs in the parents’ or child’s life. Either parent can petition the court for a modification. The court will then determine whether there has been a significant and material change in circumstances either concerning the child’s needs or...

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