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There are a number of all-star lawyers in the NY community. For company incorporation (which I will interpret as meaning a full Delaware Incorporating, shareholder agreements, stock plan . . . the full shabang) you can do this all for less than $2000. Again, it includes the full set up.

Beyond incorporation, you may want to be looking into some other early legal items as well which I have listed below along with historic pricing on UpCounsel (based on UpCounsel data).

  • Trademark ~ $750 (including filings fees of $350)
  • Terms of Service & Privacy Policy ~ $500 - $900
  • Seed Financing (Convert Note) ~ $4000 - $5000

By "startup" lawyer I assume you are referring to attorneys who can form your startup, handle all your stock and options, review/negotiate the majority of contracts, handle your fundraising, handle most employee issues, and most importantly, serve as a valuable advisor to your business.

We have an incredible group of . We work with startups and businesses exclusively and have over 1000+ companies using us today including some of the fastest growing technology startups in the world. We are great for one-off projects and also building a long lasting relationship with an outside general counsel. Our lawyers have experience at some of the top firms and companies on the planet including Wilson Sonsini, Latham & Watkins, IBM, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Linkedin.

As a former startup attorney I wanted to make sure UpCounsel helped to amplify some of the best aspects of great lawyers while eliminating those that ruin the legal experience. Here are the things I always encourage entrepreneurs to look for in a great lawyer. If I can help personally, let me know, we would be happy to help you get started on the right foot.


You want to find lawyers that have experience with your specific needs and your specific type of company (stage, industry, etc.) A lawyer with the right experience won’t waste time on unneeded legal work AND will be a better business advisor because they can draw on successes and failures of like companies they have seen in the past.

Business Minded

Short point, but you want to work with lawyers who understand business vs just being a lawyer. There is a term called “over-lawyering” and it’s not an attractive feature of any lawyer where they are more worried about small legal points vs high level business objectives.


They should also be responsive and timely with work. Cannot tell you how many new clients UpCounsel gets each month because people were frustrated that their previous lawyer was unresponsive. Really hard to sniff out early on, but this is why reviews/recommendations are important.

Price Transparency

You would think this would be a given, but too often businesses get the shocking bill at the end of the month. Lawyers should be upfront about pricing, hourly rates and provide updates on where projects are on a cost basis.

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