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Over the course of a person's life, there are few financial transactions that are likely to be larger and potentially more complicated than those involving real estate. Finding an appropriate residential property in Westchester can be a major task for buyers, and finding a qualified buyer may be a headache for sellers. A lot can go wrong on either side to trip up a potential deal.

One of our focus areas at Tague & Vanden Heuvel LLP is real estate. The process of buying or selling property is a complex one, and it often requires the skill of an experienced New York real estate attorney to address the questions and problems that may arise from a transaction.

Because a real estate deal can involve such a substantial investment, making sure the process goes smoothly is a big concern for people. Our clients know that because of our experience as real estate lawyers, we are able to negotiate from a position of strength to ensure a deal makes sense from a financial and legal perspective.

While our office is in Westchester County, we handle real property transactions from all around the area, including New York City. We have worked with many different brokers and real estate agents, and we utilize those relationships to help our clients navigate the often-confusing process.

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