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The Path To Recovery: How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You

Michigan Personal Injury Lawyer The Clark Law Office is a leading Michigan personal injury law firm dedicated to representing people, not insurance companies. We are proud of our hard-earned reputation as successful trial attorneys serving Lansing and all of Michigan for the past 30 years. High quality work, dedication, and extensive courtroom experience allow the attorneys of The Clark Office to provide you with unique trial capabilities and comprehensive knowledge of Michigan’s injury and negligence laws. Whether you’ve been in a car accident or motorcycle accident, hurt while working, or experienced medical malpractice, you can count on us to work hard for you.

As a client of The Clark Law Office, your representation will be with a trial attorney who will provide you with the personal service you deserve. Your case will not be passed off to an attorney you’ve never met before! Both David M. Clark and Matthew R. Clark will personally be handling your case. Our trial experience, aggressive mindset, and our unique ability to try and win large personal injury cases at trial have resulted in top dollar verdicts and settlements for our clients – and we will do the same for you. We understand the hardships and difficulties that come along with recovering compensation from large insurance companies after an injury.

Why Should I Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Just about every injury lawsuit utilizes negligence to prove another party is responsible in causing your injury. Negligence can be thought of as the failure to take reasonable care to protect others. In this particular type of lawsuit, a lawyer must be able to prove that the other person owed their client a duty to act with reasonable care. Some common examples include a driver of a vehicle owing a duty of care to other driver(s) on the road and doctors owing a duty of care to their patient(s). In addition to this, an attorney must also be able to prove that the negligent party failed to meet a standard of care and the injury directly resulted from this failure.

The final piece is proving that their client has actually suffered damages. These damages can be either economic (medical expenses) or non-economic losses (pain and suffering) that occurred because of the defendant’s negligence. Many people are hesitant to contact a personal injury attorney after suffering an injury. The assumption is that hiring a lawyer will cut into the compensation they could potentially receive. However, numerous studies have shown that injured victims still recover more compensation than those who attempt to settle without an attorney. In fact, it’s been shown that insurance companies encourage telling their clients that a lawyer is not necessary because it saves them 200-300% in payouts. Here’s a few ways that we can help you!

What Damages Can I Recover in a Lawsuit?

There are a variety of types of financial compensation that you might be entitled to receive from your personal injury lawsuit after negligence has been established. These damages have the purpose of compensating the injured party for economic and non-economic losses that they have sustained as a result of the injury or accident. Some of these damages include:

Why Choose The Clark Law Office As My Personal Injury Law Firm?

Our law firm will be working closely with you to get the best results possible. We take our responsibilities to our clients seriously, so we stay involved and informed about updates in Michigan law to ensure a positive resolution for your legal manners. The Clark Law Office understands the stress and concerns that you have, because we have lived through hard fought cases and the crucible of trial with its clients for over 30 years. The following are some of the verdicts and settlements that have been obtained by our attorneys:

  • $2.75 million motorcycle accident verdict against the US Air Force
  • $2.1 million defective machine settlement against a multi-national machine manufacturer
  • $1.1 million dollar verdict for real estate rights in Florida
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