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It’s simple to engage us in your Maryland medical contract review. Send an email or pick up the phone and call our offices to be put in touch with one of our Maryland physician consultants. They’ll walk you through the process and help select the best package for your needs. We’ll complete your initial review within 24-48 hours of receiving your Maryland physician contract review. You’ll be well taken care of!

Contract Diagnostics has over 35 years of expert medical and legal experience to serve the needs of its clients. We’re not a law firm but a consulting company that specializes in Maryland physician employment contract reviews. We have attorneys, CPAs, as well as benefit and compensations experts on our team to give the physician a better idea of what the contract points are…but enough about us. Please browse our website for more details on how we can help you, and contact us when you’re ready. Again, we’re glad you’re here…

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