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Our firm takes on cases that sometimes others won’t take because liability is an issue. In a case involving a gas station explosion, we represented a severely injured person. He suffered third-degree burns to two-thirds of their body, and lost a leg. The injured person lit a cigarette in a gas station and an explosion occurred, leading the insurance company to deny liability.

Our firm had the resources to investigate the matter. We found that the gas pump’s hose was leaking an unlawful volume of fumes, which caused the explosion. We were able to get relief for our client despite the fact that the other side claimed she had been negligence.

Many lawyers would not have taken that case. But our firm was able to get a million dollar settlement for our client. This settlement changed her life by allowing her to treat her serious injuries and get a prosthetic leg.

Preparing for the Initial Consultation

During our initial consultation, we advise clients to bring as much information as they have regarding the accident. This includes hospital records, hospital bills, medical bills, information on the other driver, and their insurance information. If the other insurance company has contacted the client, we ask them to bring the name of the insurance company, the name of the adjuster, their address, their claim number, and the adjuster’s phone number.

In this modern age, most people will have cameras on their phones. If you are able, you should pictures of the accident, of the area where the accident occurred, of property damage, and other details of the accident and bring all such photos to the office during our consultation.

Sometimes a person is seriously injured and may not have the ability or time to get any or all of the pertinent information. In such a case, we can obtain the information for the client: get the medical records, the police report, and the insurance information.

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