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Because of our decades of experience, our attorneys understand the technology used today in determining whether an individual is indeed under the influence of alcohol or other substances. We also know that test results are not always accurate, nor are tests always performed properly. Whether you have already been arrested, are under investigation or have been convicted of DUI and desire to have your driving privilege restored, we can help.

We take pride in the fact that we produce outstanding results for our clients on a consistent basis, and are recognized throughout Michigan as a premier criminal defense firm. Our team works to ensure the best possible outcome from performing a thorough investigation of the details to analyzing the evidence and reviewing the events that led up to a client's DUI arrest. Police often make mistakes in the course of an arrest; you cannot be pulled over without probable cause, and police may not violate your

constitutional rights. There are many strategies that may be used to provide you with a strong, effective defense depending on the circumstances surrounding your case.eam will fight to ensure you or a loved one avoid a conviction and jail time.

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Regardless of your guilt or innocence, drunk-driving charges can often be beat with the support of a capable and aggressive DUI defense attorney. All members of our team have experience in successfully fighting charges of drunk driving throughout Michigan. The outcome of your case absolutely depends on the quality of lawyer you choose.

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