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If you are arrested for drunk driving in Michigan, you could be facing license suspension, jail time and stiff penalties. Your vehicle insurance rates may go up and you might have problems getting to and from work each day.

Do not make the mistake of pleading guilty to any drunk driving charge before you consult with an attorney. I am experienced OWI defense attorney Leslie E. Posner. I represent clients throughout Wayne County, Oakland County, Macomb County, Livingston and Monroe Counties and across the state of Michigan who have been arrested and are facing serious charges for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Drunk Driving is called different things by different people. It can be known as any of the following:

  • OWI - Operating while Intoxicated
  • DUI - Driving Under the Influence
  • OUI - Operating Under the Influence
  • OWVI - Operating While Visibly Intoxicated
  • DUIL - Driving Under the Influence
  • OUIL - Operating Under the Influence of Liquor

They all primarily mean the same thing which is Drunk Driving. If you have been arrested for anything similar to the list above, you need to immediately contact my office. Any of the above will have serious consequences and needs immediate attention.

Defending Drunk Driving Charges in Court

As a highly qualified and experienced OWI lawyer, I am able to successfully challenge the circumstances of a drunk driving arrest first by questioning whether there was probable cause to stop your car and secondly to question the accuracy of:

  • Field sobriety tests
  • Portable breathalyzer tests
  • Standard breathalyzer tests
  • Blood alcohol content (BAC) testing procedures

I understand the intricacies of Michigan traffic and motor vehicle laws and how they relate to your charges. I will work aggressively to help reduce or eliminate the penalties and consequences associated with driving under the influence.

Michigan Implied Consent Law

As a licensed driver in Michigan, you must consent to a breath or blood alcohol test if you are stopped for a moving violation. If you refuse the test, six points will be added to your driver record and your license will be suspended for one year. You may have an administrative hearing with the Michigan Secretary Of State within the prescribed time limits. This administrative suspension is in addition to any criminal charges that may be brought against you for driving under the influence. I routinely represent my clients during the administrative hearing process.

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