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Enrollment fee statements are mailed the first week of December for enrollment fees due January 31. Payments must be postmarked on or before January 31. Payments not timely made incur a penalty (Rule 6.01(g)) and the automatic suspension of the lawyer’s license (Rule 6.01(f)). Payments must be made in the form of check, cash or money order and submitted with the enrollment fee statement. Credit cards are not accepted.

For payments postmarked after January 31, see the penalty chart below to calculate the appropriate penalty amount to be added to the fee.

Penalty Chart


Penalty Amount























Fee Categories

  • Category 1 - $410 – Licensed by examination for over three years or licensed by Rule 8.10 or 8.105, and either residing, practicing or employed in Missouri.
  • Category 2 - $280 – Licensed less than three years by examination and either residing, practicing or employed in Missouri.
  • Category 3 - $325 – Licensed but neither residing, practicing nor employed in Missouri.
  • Inactive fee pursuant to Rule 6.03(b) – $50

Payments by Firms

Firms may remit fees for more than one member in a single check. However, please issue one check for each category. (For example, one check for all Category 1 payments and one check for all Category 2 payments). A statement should be included for every attorney included within the check. A separate check should be submitted for all attorneys for whom a statement is not included. Payments with a credit must be in a separate check.

Need a duplicate enrollment fee statement?

By clicking on this Members section link, you will be redirected to The Missouri Bar Web site, where you can retrieve a duplicate enrollment fee statement. You will be required to log in there with your Bar number and PIN. Once logged in, click on the "My Dues" link on the left to obtain a duplicate statement. Should you need to update your profile, click on the “View/Edit your membership record” link, update your information, then proceed with printing off a duplicate statement.

Minimum Continuing Legal Education

Please contact The Missouri Bar for questions regarding MCLE requirements or credits:

MCLE Department
The Missouri Bar
26 Monroe Street
Post Office Box 2355
Jefferson City, Missouri
Phone: (573) 638-2233

IOLTA (Trust Accounts)

For questions or information regarding your IOLTA account in Missouri, please contact the Interest on Lawyers’ Trust Account Foundation at:

Missouri Lawyers’ Trust Account Foundation
220 Madison Street

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