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criminal-defenseThe services of a criminal defense lawyer should be be sought if you or someone you know has been arrested and charged with a crime in South Carolina you’re likely confused and worried about your future. You can alleviate those worries through education and obtaining the services of a good criminal defense lawyer. By learning more about the criminal justice system you can begin to feel empowered, rather than afraid. To find out more about how South Carolina’s criminal system works, keep reading.

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Criminal Defense Lawyer – Step by Step

Pre-arrest investigation

Though many criminal defense cases begin with an arrest, in some cases defendants find out prior to being arrested that they are subjects of a criminal investigation. Police officers might show up to ask questions or request certain information, revealing that an individual is the focus of an ongoing investigation. If this happens, it’s a good idea to consider retaining a South Carolina criminal defense Lawyer as soon as possible so that preparations can be made just in case charges are eventually filed.


Everyone knows what an arrest is. You get put in handcuffs, read your rights, and are taken to a police station to go through the booking process. During booking, you will have your fingerprints done, a mug shot taken and likely be inspected by medical staff at the jail. After the booking process is complete you will eventually be transferred to Bond Court, something that typically happens within 24 hours of booking.

Bond hearing

Once a suspect has been moved to Bond Court, he or she now must face an appearance before a judge, known as a Magistrate Judge. The point of a bond hearing is to decide whether the judge believes you should be released from jail while your criminal charges are pending. The judge will usually get a glimpse of the evidence against you and arguments from both your criminal defense lawyer and prosecutors about whether you should be released from jail, and if so, how high your bond should be set.

Suspects have the right to an attorney during a bond hearing and it is crucial to take advantage of this opportunity to meet with and rely on an experienced South Carolina criminal defense lawyer. A good lawyer can work to persuade a judge to either lower your bond or release you without having to pay any bond (on your own recognizance), something that can save you a lot of money in the end.

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