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The Appellate Court – A Second Chance To Present Your Case

The Criminal Appellate Court system is designed up to allow the convicted the ability to request a review of another court’s decision, change or withdraw a plea, and make motions for a variety of legal purposes including to challenge imprisonment, an unfair sentence, or, in some cases, have the court consider new evidence that could not have been known prior to a verdict (such as DNA evidence proving innocence.) Motions for a new trial are also frequently filed — but also frequently denied so it is extremely important the you hire a Michigan criminal appeals lawyer who can successfully handle your criminal appeal from start to finish.

The Michigan Court of Appeals has the authority to correct mistakes and overturn decisions made by the trial courts including wrongful convictions and unfair sentences. In turn, the Michigan Supreme Court can also do the same for erroneous decisions made by the Court of Appeals. And, the United States Supreme Court has the final say over all appeals in the nation, including those made by the Michigan Supreme Court.

There is a reason the appeals process exists: the trial court system is not perfect and not every decision made by juries and judges is made in accordance with the law, or, for that matter, is fair.

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