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If you are living from paycheck to paycheck and falling farther and farther behind on your bills it may be time to consider Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Columbus. Like many people, you may be reluctant to consider bankruptcy as an option; however, once you understand more about the bankruptcy process and the benefits of filing for bankruptcy protection you may decide it is the right choice for you and your family.

At The Needleman Law Office we understand how financial problems can negatively impact you and your family which is why we are committed to helping you find a solution. Contact the office today by calling 614-575-1188 so that we can discuss your legal options and start you on the path to a brighter, debt-free future.

How Can Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Columbus Ohio Help Me?

For the average debtor who is getting by on a moderate to low income an unexpected emergency can cause a financial crisis. Whether that emergency is an illness, accident, layoff, or divorce, it can result in your already tight budget spiraling out of control. Before you know it, creditors are garnishing your paycheck and/or threatening to foreclose on your home. A chapter 7 bankruptcy in Columbus may be the solution.

What Is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Columbus, Ohio?

To file a chapter 7 bankruptcy in Columbus you must pass the “means test” which compares your income to that of other similar households in Ohio. You must be at or below the median income to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy in Ohio, however even if you don't qualify to file chapter 7 bankruptcy, we can help you seek to file chapter 13 bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is often referred to as a “Liquidation” or "Fresh Start" bankruptcy; however, the name is somewhat misleading. While it is true that a debtor’s non-exempt assets can be sold to pay creditors in a chapter 7 bankruptcy, the vast majority of debtors who file under chapter 7 do not have any non-exempt assets available to be sold. The reason for this is that the Ohio exemptions allow a debtor to exempt a significant amount of assets when filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy. As a result, most debtors are able to keep their home, vehicle, and personal property when they file a chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Scott Needleman is a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer in Columbus, OhioWhen you file your petition for chapter 7 bankruptcy the court will issue an automatic stay order to all creditors forbidding them from any further attempts to collect on a debt. In most chapter 7 bankruptcies the debtor will never step foot in an actual courtroom, though you will need to appear for a less formal meeting of creditors. A typical chapter 7 bankruptcy will be discharged approximately four to five months after filing the petition. At the end of the case the majority of your debts will be discharged, meaning you are no longer legally responsible for the debt.

Columbus Ohio Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney Scott R. Needleman, of The Needleman Law Office, works with hard working individuals who, for a variety of reasons, are facing financial hardship. Attorney Needleman is committed to helping you resolve your financial crisis. Contact the office today by calling 614-575-1188 so that we can discuss your legal options and start you on the path to a brighter, debt-free future.

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He made me feel comfortable from the beginning. I'm so glad a friend suggested him to me. He made the process as easy as possible and I can't thank him enough for his help!

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Scott did a good job when I had to file for bankruptcy. He helped me eliminate my credit card debt and it only took 4 months. It didn't take the entire 6 months that I was expecting.

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