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If you’ve been the victim of a car accident in Washington DC, your life could be changed forever. With the help of a reputable DC car accident lawyer, you can fight for the settlement you deserve–one that will allow you to redeem your lost wages and medical expenses while sustaining your ability to provide financially for your family. Our proven auto accident attorneys can examine all details of your case and utilize every available resource in order to help you win your case and maximize the value of your compensatory settlement.

An experienced DC auto accident lawyer is equipped to handle auto-related injury claims and is ready and willing to help you during what is surely a time of great stress and turmoil.

The lawyers at our firm will examine every aspect of the incident as they build the strongest possible claim. That care and dedication is your best chance for receiving damages, either through a settlement or an award of damages by a judge or jury. Those damages can include compensation for any harms and losses you have suffered, lost wages, and sky-rocketing bills. Contact our DC law offices today for a free initial case consultation with one of our DC auto accident lawyers to learn more about your specific options.

Types of Car Accidents

Different kinds of car accidents are more or less likely to inflict serious injuries on the victims. Price Benowitz LLP has experience handling many types of accidents, including:

Furthermore, car accidents can be caused by a number of different driving behavior. Particularly dangerous behavior that frequently results in accidents includes:

These accidents often result in property damage, but more importantly, they can cause personal injury from the force of collisions (e.g., whiplash) or even death. Contact a DC car accident attorney today to help you get compensation for your injuries. Our firm also handles claims involving other kinds of motor vehicle accidents. Here are some car accidents that may be treated differently from typical car accident cases:

Predicting the Settlement Value in a DC Car Accident Lawsuit

Even for an experienced car accident lawyer, it’s very difficult to predict an approximate settlement value for a specific auto accident lawsuit because so many factors are at play, including the severity of the accident and the resulting injuries, whether these injuries are permanent and/or significantly life-altering, the makeup of the jury, the perceived distribution of fault in the incident and much more. By speaking to a qualified auto injury attorney you’ll be able to receive a rough estimate of what your settlement value could look like, though your actual settlement could differ greatly from this estimate due to factors that occur while the lawsuit is ongoing.

Factors that Influence the Value of a DC Car Accident Settlement

If your car accident case reaches a trial, both the outcome of the lawsuit and the monetary value of the settlement you receive will be determined by a jury of your peers. The jury will look at a wide variety of factors when determining both of these, including but not limited to the following:

  • The overall strength of your liability case
  • Their perception of your credibility
  • Their perception of the defendant’s credibility
  • Whether the accident was avoidable by either you or the defendant, and who was ultimately at fault in the crash
  • The severity of the car accident
  • The severity of your injuries, particularly if they are permanent
  • The condition of the vehicle(s) before and after the accident
  • Any arguments that could be brought up by the defendant’s attorney
  • The arguments your attorney could use to refute the aforementioned arguments
  • Whether any witnesses observed the car crash as it happened
  • The perceived credibility of those witnesses
  • Any pain and suffering you endured and continue to endure resulting from the crash
  • Any loss of companionship you endured as a result of the accident

Car accident lawyer in Washington, DCYour DC car accident lawyer will be responsible for investigating each of these factors in order to build a strong case to present to the jury. His or her goal will be to present these factors to the jury in a way that influences them to increase the value of your settlement, using any legal means available.

The Role of the Insurance Company in Determining Your Settlement Value

Before your case reaches a trial, and probably shortly after your accident, you will likely receive a call from the defendant’s insurance company offering you an initial settlement value. By refusing this offer and hiring a DC auto accident attorney to work on your case, the insurance company will continually increase its offer, hoping that you’ll settle before a trial. Some of the factors that the insurance company will look at when determining each settlement offer include the following:

  • The specific location of the accident
  • Medical records confirming your injuries
  • The severity of the accident
  • Lost wages and future lost wages resulting from your injuries
  • Whether your lawyer has a history of refusing early settlement offers and bringing cases to trial (this increases the value)

It’s important to note that insurance companies typically do not take pain and suffering into account when determining pre-trial settlement offers, since these factors are usually quite subjective. In most cases, insurance companies use software as opposed to actual human logic to calculate these factors, which is why subjective factors are difficult to weigh. This is where it truly pays to have an experienced DC car accident lawyer who will explain your pain and suffering to a jury in a way that they can understand and sympathize with.

How a DC Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

Every case is unique in terms of its facts, circumstances, and in the application of the facts of any particular case to the law. Every case has its own uniqueness and merits that have to be pursued in terms of what the cause of the accident was, what at fault party did or didn’t do, if they violated any traffic law, and the type of injury and the treatment.

Every case is unique and every case is individual, and that’s why it’s that much more important to get an attorney involved. An experienced attorney will know how to handle all of these issues from the inception of the case. They will know how to prove that the other party caused the accident as a result of road rage or general negligence. It’s important to get the attorney involved the earlier the better, because the attorney can advise the injured party as to the best way to move forward in navigating all of the issues in a case.

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