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How do we get top dollar for our injured clients? By fighting for you, and with you, every step of the way. Our first goal is to get you a settlement quickly that adequately compensates you for all of your economic losses and, more importantly, your pain and suffering. The insurance companies, of course, want to pay you nothing or next to nothing. How do we make insurance companies bend to our way of thinking on the appropriate compensation?

Again, getting an appropriate settlement without even filing a lawsuit will depend, in no small measure, on the reputation of your law firm. Your lawyer's ability to gather and present the necessary information to put your claim forward in the best possible light. You win these cases - and the value of the case is stretched - by your lawyer's ability to collect, analyze and present the facts of your case to the insurance company and, if necessary, the jury.

Miller and Zois In some severe injury and wrongful death cases with large insurance policies, a lawsuit must be filed if the victim wants to maximize their compensation. In these cases, you need a lawyer who is going to fight in the trenches for you... and has a history of success in those trenches (see sample verdicts below).

The take-home message: If you are badly hurt, you need a car accident attorney with skill, experience, and a reputation for success on your side. You need to have the best attorney to stand up for you.

If you or someone you love has been seriously injured or killed in a car collision, call us today at 800-553-8082 or get a free consultation on-line.

Maryland Accident Lawyer Information Center

The primary purpose of this website is to provide information to both Maryland traffic accident victims and lawyers through our Victim Help Center and our critically acclaimed Lawyer Help Center, which is designed to assist lawyers in Maryland in handling accident claims.

Miller & Zois Personal Injury Trial Verdicts & Settlements
  • $10, 000, 000 Verdict
  • $8, 000, 000 Verdict
  • $5, 500, 000 Verdict
  • $5, 200, 000 Verdict
  • $3, 800, 000 Settlement
  • $3, 250, 000 Settlement
  • $2, 500, 000 Verdict
  • $2, 500, 000 Settlement
  • $2, 100, 000 Settlement
  • $1, 500, 000 Verdict
  • $1, 350, 000 Settlement
  • $1, 300, 000 Settlement
  • $1, 200, 000 Settlement
  • $1, 100, 000 Settlement
  • $1, 100, 000 Verdict
  • $1, 000, 050 Verdict
  • $1, 000, 000 Settlement

This is the most important question for our clients in any car crash case. We cannot give you an exact answer, of course. But we provide you with a ton of information, including average settlement and verdict data and sample details about cases we have settled or won at trial that you cannot find anywhere else online.

Putting Our Experience to Work for You

The partners at Miller & Zois used to work for insurance companies. We know the tricks that they will use to prevent you from recovering the damages you deserve. Lawyers Weekly USA characterized the benefits of our training with the insurance companies when they wrote that as former defense counsel, Miller & Zois "knows the other side's playbook." In fact, we know the "playbook" for any insurance company that you will see in a car insurance claim in the Baltimore-Washington area:

You can get the inside information on all of these companies - and many more - here.

Why does this matter? Victims need an advocate who knows which punches these insurance companies will throw at you... and how to block them.

I went to one of the law firm’s that advertise on television. They tried to accept a $32, 000 offer on my behalf without even telling me. Six weeks after I hired Miller & Zois, my case settled for $165, 000.00.

We know how to overcome the roadblocks these insurance companies throw up to give our clients the best chance of receiving the maximum possible recovery for their claim.

Ultimately, greedy insurance companies don't care about the fact that you are hurt or financially devastated. They don't mind being unfair and telling you that your health insurance is the only answer. Insurers just care about hanging on to their money and pretending that your tragedy is just a little mishap. To them, asking for more compensation than just your medical bills is just you trying to get a financial windfall. But we will tell you what we tell juries: pain, suffering, and agony is the worst harm in any serious case. The amount of an accident victim's medical bills should not define a claim. What matters most is the sum of the human pain and suffering.

The Maryland car accident lawyers at Miller & Zois have represented auto crash victims for almost every imaginable mishap (and some you could not imagine) in a traffic collision, including:

Our firm often represents the families of victims killed in fatal traffic crashes in Maryland. A disproportionate number of these wrongful death cases involve pedestrians and motorcycles who have little chance against motor vehicles.

How to Select the Best Advocate for YouJurisdictional Analysis

We handle cases in every single Maryland county and Baltimore City. To be successful, you have to know the jurisdiction well. You can get here an analysis of every venue in Maryland here.

If you have been seriously injured in a motorcycle, truck, or vehicular crash in Maryland, you need to find a car accident lawyer with the skills and ability to best maximize the value of your claim, either by settlement or trial. Before choosing an attorney, you should be looking at whether they have the credentials and experience to handle your case and get you the compensation you deserve, for what you have endured.

There are important questions to ask. Does the firm focus exclusively on tort cases and, specifically, serious motor vehicle crashes? Does the law firm have a history of seven figure verdicts and settlements in car and truck collision cases?

Does the firm have a history of getting verdicts at trial far more than the settlement offer made? Certainly, the insurance company fighting your accident claim knows exactly who are the best Maryland car accident lawyers. Insurance companies factor in the lawyers' history of success at trial in calculating your settlement offer both before and after a lawsuit is filed.

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